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Saint Martin of Tours Museum


Settled in the Saint John’s Chapel (13th c.), dependence of the cloister of the former Basilica Saint Martin, the museum presents the prestigious history of the buildings which followed one another on the grave of the saint for the 4th century. The chronological and thematic course presents Saint Martin’s story, the legends associated to him and his actions and fame through Europe.

The visitor can also discover the numerous vestiges of the various basilicas, in particular of the famous medieval one largely disappeared at the end of 18th century: fragment of Saint Martin grave (5th century), rare frescoes of the 11th century resulting from Charlemagne tower, ornaments, capitals and other architectonic elements testifying of the magnificence of these buildings.

Facsimiles of stained-glass windows and manuscripts, among which ones products in the Scriptorium of the Basilica Saint Martin, are shown. Various artefacts such as currencies in the name of the collegiate church, illustrate the story and the activities of the district of Châteauneuf, which developed during Medieval Age around the collegiate church.

 The Saint Martin Museum constitutes the starting point of the numerous routes proposed in the City of Tours for the discovery of Saint Martin’s heritage (Treasure tower, Charlemagne tower, Victor Laloux’s basilica, Abbey of Marmoutier, Saint Martin Chapel,…).

The museum also constitutes one of the major stages on the European Cultural Routes “Saint Martin de Tours, European character, symbol of sharing” which received in 2005 the label of big routes of the Council of Europe.

Vectors of cultural, social, sustainable and committed tourism, the saint Martin Route relates episodes from his life: Via sancti Martini (2 500 km), Szombathely his childhood town in Hungary to Tours, Via caesaraugustana (1 100 km, where he attended a council, Via treverorum (1 100 km), where he went several times to meet the emperors and Via trajectensis (1 100 km). The Saint Martin Route symbolises the value of sharing.



Opening time:

The museum is opened from mid-March to mid-November from Wednesday till Sunday,

9.30 a.m.- 13 a.m. and 2 p.m -5.30 p.m.

Exceptional closure on May 1st and July 14th 


Ticket 2€


3 rue Rapin – TOURS

15 minutes walk from Grand Hotel Tours


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