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The Grand Hotel Tours offers program ideas to discover Tours and region depending on the length of your stay.




Tours, City of Art and History, gateway to the Loire Valley, in the heart of an exceptional heritage site ... Tours is a really good idea to offer a "city break" a few days. Discrete deemed it a city "to live" a strong heritage of the first order and galvanized by the energy of its students. Do not miss the historic districts, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Cathedral and the Basilica which houses the tomb of St. Martin, the treasures of companionship. Stop off at the parks, discover its shopping streets, daily markets flavors and its central market.


  • Guided tour of the city

Labeled "City of Art and History" Tours can be visited with a tour guide. Over a period of about two hours, the course takes place in the protected area of ​​Tours. You can also explore the city at night to enjoy its illuminated monuments, the address in terms of companionship, Renaissance or by theme (Saint-Martin, Saint-Gatien Cathedral, Victor Laloux, young people...).


An impressive throne bicentennial cedar front of the old palace of the archbishops (XVII-XVIII), which contains, in addition to a rich furniture of the eighteenth century, an important collection of works from the fifteenth to the twentieth century, Rembrandt, Rubens, Delacroix, Degas, MonetRodin or, more recently, Calder, Debre ... His collection of French paintings of the eighteenth is one of the largest in France and the richest collection of Italian paintings in the region.


Housed in the former Abbey of Saint-Julien (XII), the "museum of fine work" brings together more than 400 masterpieces of the companions of the Tour de France, to demonstrate mastery of their craft. An exceptional wrought iron gate and asked 14 years of work! Ranked "Musée de France", this educational space also provides more than 300 tools and a rich iconography of the history of companionship and its current organization.



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