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Castle of Loches


The Castle of Loches, one of the most beautiful fortified city in France!


Step back a thousand years of history by visiting the royal city of Loches, to meet the great figures who made this place famous: women of influence and power Jeanne d’Arc, Agnès Sorel and Anne of Brittany; and kings Charles VII and Charles VIII; but also branded prisoners as Cardinal Balue and Ludovic Sforza.


The dungeon


A masterpiece of military architecture of the eleventh century. The dungeon of Loches was built by Fulk Nerra in 1000 year. High of 36 meters, it is one of the largest, today. It is also one of the best preserved Romanesque. Famous people there will be locked.


The royal house.


The terrace overlooking the city and the Indre Valley. Jewel of Gothic and Gothic blazing, the royal residence of Loches is one of the favorite residences of the Valois dynasty. Jeanne d’Arc meets the future Charles VII. The king's mistress Agnes Sorel settles there and the Queen of France Anne of Brittany was living there.


The medieval garden


An oasis of peace in the heart of a military building. This green space was recreated in 1998 by the General Council of Indre-et-Loire, according to medieval illuminations.




The royal city know the François I year

In 2015, the Mission Val de Loire coordinate celebrations of the François I year in val de Loie.

François I accessed to the trhone 1st January 1515, after the death of Louis XII. One of the biggest king of Renaissance, winer of the Marignan and great builder, is celebrata everywhere accross expositions and animations during 2015.

The royal city is part of this ligerian movement and organise a hug exposition, name « The king and the emperor ». It’s about reminding the diplomate meeting between François I and Charles Quint, emperor of the Germanic holy-emperor, in December 1539, in Loches.

Course of the royal city exposition :

The exposition is build in two volumes. At the dungeon, there is « the conjuring prisonner », after conspiracies against the king of France. In the Question room, an interactive projection will introduce the temporal and geopolitical fram of the exposition. Pictures will reminds briefely Italian War of Charles VII and François I, this last advent and the Marignan victory, in 1515. 

Conspiracy, made by Charles de Bourbon, who was a servant of the emperor, is mentioned during the confinement of the conjuring 1522-1523. In the exposition room, extra of movies and documentaries will come back on the reign of the two sovereign. 

To the royal house, the exposition is devoted to « the meeting of the soverign ».

Five rooms mentioned formality of this diplomat meeting of December 1539, thereby the festivities they create.

Art objets makes visible their effigy or the representation of their power thereby seemlyness of the meeting show the magnificiance of the two sovereign.

Portrayal gallery, the symbole of the power and of the musical production of Renaissance, tastes of the two sovereign, close the course.


The exposition « the king and the emperor » is situate at the Royal Coty from the 18th April to the 18th April 2015.

Around the event, the Royal City oranise during all the season, specific animations. Find out all informations on the page of animations familles et jeune public.






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1st April – 30th september : 9 h - 19 h

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