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Le Grand Hôtel de Tours

Interior design by Pierre Chareau


Known for its interiors from the 1930s, the French architect and designer Pierre Chareau marked aesthetic spirit of the Grand Hotel de Tours.


Chareau, interior designer of the Grand Hotel Tours.

French architect and designer Pierre Chareau was in France, one of the first modern architects. He put into practice Cubist research, introducing the architecture employed by then unknown or unusual (glass bricks) in a new focus on open architecture system structure materials, what Chareau held for a first material : light! He was a member of the international congress of modern architecture.
He realizes at 31 rue Saint Guillaume in Paris to Dr. Dalsace, his major work, the Glass House, three floors, designed as a total space, the courtyard façade is fully glazed: a screened metal structure supports glass block panels. While the rooms are isolated by doors cupboards, wood or metal, slide or rotate. Structure (beams and steel beams), pipes and ducts are visible and involved in the architecture, transforming the functional elements of the house decorative elements.
In design, it produces metal furniture and wood, shaped to evoke a true "Chareau style."
Pierre Chareau born 04 August 1883 in Bordeaux, died 24 August 1950 in New York.
Main achievements:
· 1927-1931 The Glass House
· 1927 Interior design of the Grand Hotel Tours
· 1947 Workshop painter Robert Motherwell in East Hampton, United States


The Grand Hotel Tours honors Pierre Chareau, by naming the lounge bar's name.


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Grand Hotel Tours in 1927 by Pierre Chareau