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Le Grand Hôtel de Tours

A trip back to the 1930s

Take a step back in time to the 1930s at the Grand Hotel.


On the station square, the Prince Philippe-Maurice De Broglie brings the soul back to this beautiful establishement once frequented by Churchill and Edouard VII.

The locals rarely have the chance to see inside the hotels in their town.  Logical.  When you step into the reception hall at the Grand Hôtel de Tours, you can easily imagine yourself back in all the splendour of the1930s : wrought iron lift shaft, small 1930s lounge when the ladies wore the first evening dresses and the men wore Prince of Wales suits.  And when the luxurious Delahaye automobiles would park under the glass canopy setting off the cut-stone building.


Progressively, this reconstruction done with the taste and respect for the soul, this house drives every year to realize a renovation of one part of hotel of 105 rooms classified three stars. This one was constructed in the 30s which 4 500 m2 spread between the beautiful station of Victor Laloux, architect and Le Printemps which the remarkable frontage of 1930 goes unnoticed too.

Original furniture

"When I arrived, there was lino on the floor, that was thirty years that the hotel left live", deplore the new owner who aspire restore him his soul of yesteryear. While keeping the structure, "spacious and well thought".

The rooms, in first, with their woodwork valued and the retro bathroom. The common rooms also, that of breakfast (with the corner rotunda with views down to the station), the bar, elephants armchairs and the tulip table, the entry with furniture Pierre Chareau, big decorator of this period which a rare sofa Art Déco estimated to 200 000 €, "It enjoys me find the original furniture".

I would like to reintroduce the Grand Hotel in the city, organize parties, welcome associations seats, expose artists".

Everything will be done or almost when the tramway will pass close by. Like in the 30s.


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Back to the 30s - Grand Hotel Tours / Photo credit www.zoemacaron.frFront view - Grand Hotel Tours / Photo credit www.zoemacaron.fr